Headaches may result from a joint, muscle or nerve problem in your neck (cervical spine). These types of headaches are called Cervicogenic Headaches. These headaches have many similar symptoms as Migraine Headaches, and are often under-diagnosed.

Common recognizable symptoms may include; reduced neck range of motion, one-sided headache pain, upper neck pain, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness and light/sound sensitivity.

Headaches from the cervical spine are readily diagnosed and treated by orthopedic physical therapists. A physical therapist uses very specific history and physical examination process to identify those patients who are likely to have cervicogenic headaches.

Treatment options for cervicogenic headache include therapeutic strengthening exercises, manual therapy (mobilization/manipulation), and acupuncture/dry needling. Your physical therapist can perform any combination of these treatment procedures to significantly reduce the severity of the headache symptoms.

If you have some of the above mentioned symptoms, or your migraine medicine is not helping, contact your physical therapist for an evaluation. There is no need to deal with this condition, when there are effective treatment options available.