Woman With Neck Pain

Neck Pain and the Average American Lifestyle

In today’s technological society most of us cannot escape from prolonged use of computers, TV’s and cell phones in our everyday lives. Coupled with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and poor posture, the average American will experience neck pain multiple times throughout their lives.

Common Neck Pain Cause and Symptoms

The neck consists of muscles, ligaments and tendons which surround 7 vertebrae stacked upon each other. These assist in supporting the weight of a 10 pound head. Like a golf ball on a tee, the neck has less stability and protection. Consequently, the neck is incredibly vulnerable to injury. Poor posture during your everyday activities causes some of your muscles to work harder in order to compensate for other muscles which are left unused. Overtime this imbalance causes your muscles to become strained. And, muscle strain leads to neck pain.

Typically neck pain will cause you to feel symptoms of stiffness, or a deep aching feeling (rather than a sharp pain) which will increase throughout the day. You may also feel pain in your upper shoulders, down your arm, or in the form of headaches. Fortunately for most, neck pain decreases quickly. However, if these symptoms are allowed to progress, your neck pain will become chronic. Chronic neck pain may lead to problems such as muscular imbalances, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, issues with nerves, or bone deformities.

Physical Therapy Can Help

Your physical therapist will perform a thorough examination to distinguish the root cause of your neck pain. They will perform multiple tests to determine the source of your neck pain. Once the source of your neck pain is found a variety of techniques and treatments would be performed. Your treatment will include pain relieving modalities, massage, manipulations, stretching, and strengthening. For information on neck pain, and the various treatment options that are available to you, call your local Spine & Sport to book a free pain-relief consultation.