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Manage Rotator Cuff Pain with These 3 Exercises

Do you have pain when you lift your shoulder or perform overhead activities? It’s most likely rotator cuff tendinitis. Your shoulder is made up of your arm bone, your collar bone, and your shoulder blade. The job of your rotator cuff muscles is to hold the shoulder in place while you lift your arm. If your rotator cuff is not functioning properly, the tendons in your shoulder will rub on bone when you life your arm. This results in pain. If your shoulder hurts, try the following tips to help manage your pain.

Strengthen your rotator cuff muscles.

Shoulder External Rotation

Shoulder External Rotation

While holding an elastic band at your side with your elbow bent, start with your hand near your stomach and then pull the band away. Keep your elbow at your side the entire time. Perform 3  sets of 10 reps.

Free Weight External Rotation

Free Weight External Rotation

Lie on your side and hold a weight with your elbow bent and rested on your side. Next, draw up the your arm from the ground towards the ceiling. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps.



Slowly raise up your arm away from your side in a forward/lateral direction. Your elbows should be straight and movement to occur in the plane of the scapula or 45 degrees to the side. Perform 3  sets of 10 reps.

Give your shoulders a break.

Rest arm regularly with jobs that require sustained overhead motions or sports that require excessive shoulder motion.

Ice your muscles.

Apply cold packs when there is pain or inflammation in your shoulder

It is important to address your rotator cuff pain immediately. If you ignore it, and the pain progresses, it could lead to rotator cuff tears in which surgery is required. Physical therapy will help you regain your rotator cuff function which will restore normal shoulder mechanics and reduce pain. Stop by your local Spine & Sport for a Free Pain-Relief Consultation.

Exercises and images courtesy of hep2go.