Are Tension Headaches Causing You to Become a Pill-Popper?

Do you carry pain medications in your back pocket?  Do you miss work regularly? Do you become irritable and unproductive?  Did you know that tension headaches are the most common type of headache?  Some of the medications used to treat tension headaches include, Acetaminophen, anti-inflammatories, narcotics and anti-depressants. Drugs do not prevent or cure headaches, they simply treat the symptoms.  Wouldn’t you prefer a more permanent solution to your headaches without having to depend on medications?

Tension headaches can present as pain and tension usually beginning at the base of the skull, which can radiate up over the top of your head to your eyes.  This can affect productivity, resulting in missed work, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty performing your regular daily activities.

You may be predisposed to tension headaches if you have a history of trauma or a whiplash injury to the neck, if you sit for long periods in front of a computer, if you are fatigued, or stressed.  Studies have also suggested that weak neck muscles can contribute to tension headaches.

If you want to reduce the frequency or intensity of your headaches, you may want to try some of these tips:

1. Watch your posture!

2. Adjust computer screens, and make sure your office is ergonomically efficient.

3.  Have your eyes checked regularly.

4.  Perform chin tucks, and backward shoulder rolls every hour.

5. Perform self-stretches to release tension in your shoulder and neck muscles.

A physical therapist can discuss proper ergonomic set-up of your work station, assess your posture, and provide you with specific exercises to help strengthen your postural muscles.  If you would like a personalized assessment and solution to your headaches contact a skilled physical therapist for an evaluation.

Release the tension in your head and your life by contacting a physical therapist now for an evaluation.