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Hear what our past patients are saying…

“I was always greeted and welcomed by Casey. She is so pleasant, professional, and a co-enjoyer of country music, though we rarely got to listen. I can’t say enough about Amelia and Anthony. They were always encouraging and truly enjoy their work, even to the point of trying to find new ways to loosen the tight joints. They gave me range of motion in the wrist that I would have never had otherwise. More importantly, I simply like them as people and as professionals. While I was here, Julie and Josh joined the staff. What great hires! I got to spend more time with Julie and really enjoying getting to know her chickens and all! The staff here made Tuesday and Thursday afternoons something to look forward to rather than dread. The bonus was physically getting so much better!” –B.L.


“When I came to Spine & Sport I was told that I wouldn’t be able to walk for six months after a car accident injured my spine. I thought I would do physical therapy as a way to keep my muscles as active as possible. Imagine my surprise when my physical therapist told me he thought he could get me walking with a cane in only FOUR WEEKS! It took four weeks to get me walking with a cane, and a fifth to get me walking on my own. I am so thankful I came to Spine & Sport.” –K.E.


“Not coming addressing the pain for two years on active duty has caused a lot of wear and tear. Coming to therapy has relieved a large amount of the pressure. Through therapy and a great neurologist I think the combined efforts have given me the ability to enjoy being a father to my 2-year-old son again.” –J.M.


“Between all the running and access training I endure everyday It finally took a toll on my body. I decided to come back to Spine & Sport to relieve the pain so I can get back on my “A game.” Between resting and stretching my knee I have had no more pains or worries. Thank you spine and sport.” -J.H.


“I have suffered with lower back pain for about 4 years. I just took the fact that I would throw my back out about once a year as one of the unfortunate things that come with growing older. My physical therapist changed all that in just two visits! He pinpointed exactly what was out of place in my back that caused it to “go out.” He then showed me a stretch that would not only get rid of the pain, but would rebuild muscle to fix the problem so my back won’t ever “go out” again.” –B.W.


“I am able to resume all my workouts to full speed. There is no pain after long runs, standing in formations, or driving long distances. Physical therapy has helped me out a lot in building my knee back up.” –N.M.


“I was referred to Spine & Sport with continued dull pain in my shoulder and sharp pain while wearing my gear or carrying large amounts of weight during training. Also I would get numbness in my hands often. After treatment I feel better in every category and am able to do everything that my job requires.” –R.B.


“The staff at Spine & Sport were fabulous, friendly and loving. My success at Spine & Sport happened because the staff really cared. Their goal was to help my shoulder get better and they did by providing me with exercises that strengthen my shoulder. I would recommend family, friends, and associates to Spine & Sport. Thanks for everything!” –L.C.


“Tremendous improvement from the first day I started. In the beginning I was having a hard time picking up my son, bending over, couldn’t ride in my care 5 minutes without heated seats, and was always in pain. Now I feel more flexible again, I can play with my son more, and I have more energy. It was a great decision to do physical therapy.” –G.S.



“I came to Spine & Sport 30 days after my second ankle surgery to restore a torn ligament and some other damage. Since my time here, I have been able to walk correctly without any assistance and with very little pain. I am very thankful for all the hard work in getting me back to a more comfortable walk and even job. You guys are great and I will be recommending Spine & Sport to every soldier I know that’s having pain. THANKS!” –D.S.


“I came to Spine & Sport to regain the movement in my neck. I spent five months in a halo, and one month in a head collar. After six months of not moving my head, I could not turn either side nor up or down. Kaitlin, Ashley, and Keeley worked with me to restore most of the movement in my neck. The difference in my motion and lack of pain is incredible. I really appreciate everyone’s effort and really caring attitude. Thanks to the staff for all your help.” –W.P


“I started going to Spine and Sport for an knee injury. I was nervous at first, but as soon as I walked in I felt welcomed. The staff was amazing and completely friendly. I was able to talk to them and not feel uncomfortable which in turned made working at easy. I can now walk 2 miles, run 1 mile, and dance all day. Thanks to them!” –K.F.


“Spine and Sport therapy was great! I returned to work 100% six weeks after total knee replacement. I have and will continue to recommend everyone who needs therapy.” –M.R.


“When I began at Spine & Sport there were times I could not walk due to pain in my ankle. After my very first visit I felt improvement. Today was my last day and I feel great. I feel like I can do all the exercises I was doing prior to my injury. Thanks Spine & Sport.” –M.B.


“Since the first day I arrived with my tingling in my right little finger, I have received great relief and a whole lot more mobility. I have appreciated everything that Natalie has done for me. Again, I was not disappointed with the service and professionalism I received. Thank you for all you do for me and my fellow wounded soldiers.” –M.M.


“I had an amazing time at Occupational Therapy, my wrist has pretty much completely returned to an operational condition. I can use it in my day normally again and am even stronger in the arm and wrist than I was previously. For this I am not only grateful, but satisfied and happy. Thanks so much for the support and care given to me here. I am extremely glad I came here and a bit sad that I have to leave. It was a good two months. Thanks!” -E.O.


“When I started physical therapy, I had gotten used to waking up with pain in my lower back. I think back now to when I used to cringe as I painfully eased myself out of bed each morning and laugh at myself. The most important thing I can tell you isn’t about what I did in physical therapy, it is the fact that I haven’t had pain in 3 weeks! No surgery, no prescription pills, just the folks at Spine & Sport knowing exactly what muscles were weak and helping me strengthen them. I would recommend Spine & Sport to anyone with pain!” –A.S.


Spine & Sport is your best source for physical therapy and post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. We have 6 locations in Georgia and Florida that can meet all of you physical therapy and other wellness needs. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable about the latest methods in physical therapy and can help you overcome physical pain and meet other wellness goals you may have. Our staff can use physical therapy to treat most body pains including neck, back, foot, and leg pains. Through physical therapy we can cure daily headaches as well! Stop living in pain and visit one of our physical therapy specialists today.

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