Physical Therapy

An overview of physical therapy

When you experience pain that is preventing you from enjoying every day life, physical therapy can help. Pain is often caused by the body not working together. This may include a pinched nerve, a slipped or bulging disc, torn or painful muscle strain, bone spurs or joint problems.

Physical Therapists are the body's mechanical and musculoskeletal experts. They know how your spine and joints work together. If your body is not working correctly, they figure out how to help and restore your physical function and fitness level. The Doctors of Physical Therapy at Spine & Sport will thoroughly evaluate, assess, and provide a treatment plan to relieve pain and prevent recurrence. They will also provide you a plan of care to take home. This consists of different stretches to make sure the brain Physical Therapy gets you back to life!

Physical therapy is a medical intervention that is used to treat many physical conditions from back, neck, or extremity pain to post-surgical weakness and limitations, even neurological conditions like a stroke. Physical therapy is extremely effective for treating pain as well as ensuring that your pain will not become a recurring condition.

When you walk through our doors for you first appointment, or initial evaluation, you will fill out a few short forms and our front desk will route them to our insurance department. We will handle all the insurance information for you. You will then meet with the therapist who will evaluate the cause, location, and intensity of the pain. After the initial evaluation, the physical therapist will create an entire plan of care to get you well again. Visits to Spine & Sport typically consist of a warm up exercises (such as walking a treadmill or using a stationary bike) to stretch or strengthen the affected area as needed. The therapist may perform manual therapy which may include stretching, mobilizing the joints, or working on the soft tissue of the body. The therapist may also utilize modalities such as electrical stimulation massage for pain control.

If you feel that you have a physical condition, pain or anything that is preventing you from living the healthy life you desire, call and make an appointment with a physical therapist today. Georgia is a Direct Access State, which means you do not need a referral to begin physical therapy to begin your new, pain-free life. However, we also gladly accept referrals from physicians, so discussing physical therapy with your physician during your next check-up is another option.

Spine & Sport is a leader in the advanced practice of physical therapy. We will provide a healthcare & wellness experience beyond compare through exemplary customer service and expert technical skill to improve your physical condition.

When you choose Spine & Sport you can be assured of:

  • Board-Certified Clinical Specialists providing superior care
  • One on One attention with advanced clinicians overseeing your treatment
  • Convenient hours of operation. All clinics are open until 8:00pm
  • Appointments that can be scheduled within 24 hours of your initial call
  • Locations that are close to home and work
  • All Insurance Accepted

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