OT Success Stories

What our past Occupational Therapy Patients are saying...

“When I first came in I was in a lot of pain and had trouble doing simple tasks with my wrist. I was injured for about 3 months prior to coming in and didn’t expect anything to help. After 7 visits, my wrist is now almost 100% and I feel great. On top of doing a great job setting up a program for me, Natalie was very personable and I enjoyed working with her. If anything happens to me again I’d be happy to make Spine & Sport my FIRST choice for therapy!” –K.K.

“Since the first day I arrived with my tingling in my right little finger, I have received great relief and a whole lot more mobility. I have appreciated everything that Natalie has done for me. Again, I was not disappointed with the service and professionalism I received. Thank you for all you do for me and my fellow wounded soldiers.” –M.M.

“When I started with Natalie on my wrist, I was unable to do most normal activities such as turning a door knob or picking up light objects. Through all of the pain and aggravation Natalie’s methods helped my wrist improve on a weekly basis. I am now able to do almost everything I need to, including passing my PT test and my basic work tasks. I am very thankful for the personal care I received here as well as the professionalism of the staff. Thanks to Natalie I will be able to continue doing my job and other things I enjoy.” – S.A.

“I had an amazing time at Occupational Therapy, my wrist has pretty much completely returned to an operational condition. I can use it in my day normally again and am even stronger in the arm and wrist than I was previously. For this I am not only grateful, but satisfied and happy. Thanks so much for the support and care given to me here. I am extremely glad I came here and a bit sad that I have to leave. It was a good two months. Thanks!” -E.O.


Spine & Sport is your best source for physical therapy and post orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. We have 6 locations in Georgia and Florida that can meet all of you physical therapy and other wellness needs. Our physical therapists are knowledgeable about the latest methods in physical therapy and can help you overcome physical pain and meet other wellness goals you may have. Our staff can use physical therapy to treat most body pains including neck, back, foot, and leg pains. Through physical therapy we can cure daily headaches as well! Stop living in pain and visit one of our physical therapy specialists today.

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