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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists are healthcare providers who are experts in relieving the causes of your pain. Our previous patients have asked us to let you know that you do have a choice in your physical therapy provider (What did other people have to say about us?) Our clinicians are Board-Certified Clinical Specialists and this specialization helps you to get better results faster.

Physical Therapists are the experts of mechanical pain. That is, the pain that comes from parts of your body which are not working well together. This might include a pinched nerve, slipped or bulging disc, torn or painful muscle strain, sprains to ligaments and swelling, bone spurs, or joint problems. Your Physical Therapist will use his/her experience and knowledge in the workings of the human body to examine, diagnose, and provide treatment of your muscle, bone, ligament, muscle, joint, or bone mechanical pain. At your first visit, you will be provided with your Physical Therapy Diagnosis and given specific information about what it will take to fix your problem.

I Have A Prescription for Physical Therapy.
Can I Attend Therapy At Spine & Sport?

Did you know YOU have a choice? Neither did the majority of our past patients when they walked through our front door. But, look what some of them have to say about us now. Learn what these patients now know; they never have to look for a physical therapist again.

Why choose elsewhere when you have the choice of seeing a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist, the only one practicing in Effingham County 5 days a week!

What Makes Spine & Sport Different?

In addition to the importance we place on giving you superior quality of care, we are a practice dedicated to customer service. When you choose Spine & Sport, you can be assured of:
  • Board-Certified Clinical Specialists providing superior
  • One on one attention - advanced clinicians directing
      your treatment
  • Convenient hours of operation - open until 8pm -
      the latest in the area.
  • Easy to schedule appointments - often completed
      in less than 1 minute
  • We accept your insurance - including Medicare and
  • You will always be greeted with a smile -
      YOU are important to us
  • We will do everything we can to be