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Do I need a physician referral?
No, you do not. The qualified and highly skilled staff at Spine & Sport will evaluate you. Based on the findings, a plan of care will be developed and discussed with you.

What types of problems can you help with?
If you are suffering from most types of pain, whether in a muscle or joint; the Board-Certified Clinical Specialist at Spine & Sport will be able to help you find a solution to your pain.

I was just involved in a motor vehicle accident. Can you help me?
Yes we can. You may have numerous muscle and ligament injuries resulting from your accident. If not properly treated, these injuries can stay with you for years, even progressively worsening over time. All you need to do is call and set up an appointment, we can help you with your pain.

Do you file insurance?
Yes, we are a full service physical therapy provider and we are most likely in-network with your insurance. We take care of all insurance issues including those dealing with injuries at work and motor vehicle accidents.

I have shoulder pain, can you help?
Yes, we can. You will be evaluated by a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist and a plan of care to get you back to pain-free living will be developed. Not only have the staff of Spine & Sport had very good success rates with reducing shoulder pain, but we have very good success with knee, ankle, foot, hand and wrist pain. Call today to set your appointment up.

I have had back pain for 15 years. You cannot help me.
Well, actually we can and we would love the opportunity to prove it.

I have heel pain - somebody told me it was plantar fasciitis. Can you help me?
If you do in fact suffer from plantar fasciitis, we can help. Your problem is produced from numerous biomechanical and environmental factors that take a skilled clinician to fully appreciate. Often times after treatment is started, you will feel results of less pain in as short as one treatment. All you need to do is call and set your appointment up today.

I have headaches daily. I need help. Can you help me?
Yes, we can. We can not only assist in reducing your pain but taking care of the reason you have the pain in the first place. Our goal is to get you out of pain, then keep you there using exercises we teach you to perform. You will not have to see us for follow-ups on a regular basis after your treatment is concluded.

I have pain going down my leg. What is it and what can you do for it?
Your pain could be a potential injury to a lumbar disc. The highly trained staff at Spine & Sport is current in all the latest procedures that allow a person to get out of pain - AND STAY THAT WAY.

I have a question that was not convered on your website. What can I do?
Email your question to [email protected] or [email protected]. Most questions will be answered by the end of business next day. If you prefer to call; please do. We would love to hear from you.