Thanks to the Spine & Sport team, I can run again! I can also walk up and down stairs without pain! Thanks for giving me back my sanity!
-Lathem Gordon

When I came to Spine and Sport it was impossible for me to walk normal. My Achilles tendon was tightening a lot. Thanks to Spine and Sport I now have the ability to walk normal and have a chance to break the bad habit of toe walking. The people here were really nice and actually wanted you to get better. Thank You Spine and Sport!
-Bridgett Gompper

Very happy with the work done at Spine and Sport. I felt I have been pushed appropriately and the surgeon was very pleased with my quick recovery. I feel more confident to go back to exercise classes and feel that I will soon be back in my heeled shoes!! Thanks to everyone at Spine and Sport and although I’m glad to be signed off I’ll miss it as part of my social life- sad but true!!
-Rebecca Wingfield

After surgery I could basically do nothing with my arm, not even brush my teeth. I now can pretty much do everything I could do before my shoulder started acting up!! I even played basketball!! Thank you for all your support and getting me back to where I am.
-Lori Norkus

I originally came here after shoulder surgery in some considerable pain, however after 2 and ½ months of therapy by the staff at Spine and Sport I feel 100% better and much stronger.
I would not hesitate recommending Spine and Sport to anyone. A great bunch of people!
-Howard McClaren

Before come to Spine and Sport the pain from the pinched nerves in my back was excruciating. However, after going through the program here I feel like a different person. The chronic pain I was experiencing is almost completely gone. I would recommend Spine & Sport to any one that needs it they do an awesome job.
-Andrew Poulos

After undergoing a meniscus transplant in August I really doubted that I would be able to bounce back and return to work as a mail carrier without limitations. However, after therapy under the watchful eye of Dr. K and the staff at Spine and Sport I have returned to work without limitations I owe my full recovery to Spine and Sport and their professionalism.
-Phillip Peacock

At the beginning… I could barely move my ankle. When I started coming to Spine & Sport it was hard at first but as I continue therapy, my ankle started to feel better and I was able to move my ankle like I use to. I want to thank the wonderful staff for helping me. It was a hard, but fun process. Thank You Spine & Sport!
-Johnnay McCoy

I love that I did not need a doctor’s referral to be evaluated and treated.
-Victoria Worden

Ian has done an amazing job on getting me back to full mobilization. I would recommend him to my friends. Thanks Ian for a wonderful job and keep doing what you do best, putting people back together again!
-Lataisha Ford

After doing therapy over three weeks, my left knee feels great. I came in with pain at the level of five. My knee is feeling great now with the help from Spine & Sport. The staff was very friendly and professional.
-Donald Martin

I was having severe pain and had a series of three epidurals and was still in pain. My doctor wanted me to try therapy as a last result before surgery. When I first came I really did not expect much but Dr. Stone & Jason’s help I saw continuous improvement and I was surprised as my pain became less & less. After two months my pain is very minor and I’m no longer on prescribed pain medication and my strength and stamina are vastly improved. Spine & Sport definitely has saved me from surgery.
-Kerry Smith

I came to Spine & Sport after knee surgery. I had very little flexibility and a lot of swelling. Spine & Sport started me on a recovery program that had me feeling much better in a couple of weeks. The remaining time at Spine & Sport strengthened my weak leg and had me returning to my normal activities. I had a long list of goals for work & dance and Spine & Sport helped me reach them.
-Holly Lewis

Since my surgery I’ve improved 99-99% in my shoulder. My neck is 80-90% better. I’m able to perform my daily activities with little to no difficulties. The Spine & Sport staff has been good to me and I’ll be back after my other surgeries.
-David Bragg

I came to Spine & Sport to get help with my lower back pain. the staff was very polite and friendly, and helped strengthen my lower back in four weeks. Each week a new adventure was added by Dr. Trent Stone. Thanks to Spine & Sport, I’m all better!
-Roland Gibbs

Since starting physical therapy, I have seen a big improvement in my pain and strength. Dr. Stone and his staff are wonderful and genuinely cared about my health. After my back surgery I wasn’t sure about going to therapy, but Spine & Sport made it a relaxing experience for me. Thank You Spine & Sport.
-Rhonda Hampton

After years of working out, many times the wrong way, I came to Spine & Sport with recurring pain in both shoulders with several sessions of working the affected areas and learning correct and safe practices for exercising my pain has been eliminated. More than that I have to say the ENTIRE staff from those answering calls to the therapist was from beginning to end, friendly and professional. Also, I never waited more than a few minutes to begin therapy.
-Keith Turner

After living for over a year with heel pain due to my heel spurs, I came to Spine & Sport. I didn’t realize how my mobility and balance had declined over the past year. Trent, Jason and the entire staff have been friendly and easy to work with. I thank them all that I’m not in the intense pain that I came here with. I recommend Spine & Sport whole-heartedly! Thank You!
-Michael Frost

Once again Spine and Sport has come to my rescue! I was in pain: walking and sitting because of a sciatic bout. I called my doctor and she immediately wrote a referral for 12 physical therapy sessions at the local Spine and Sport (only 10 minutes away from home!). I have just completed my last session AND all the pain is gone!! The therapists have given me tips about what to do if I ever feel the pain coming back. I am so grateful for the superb treatment received from the very talented therapists AND for the cheerful atmosphere they created here.

My balance is good now and my golf game has improved! I’d recommend Spine and Sport to anyone!
-Johnette Kennedy

When I started my therapy at Spine and Sport, I had weak neck and back problems. They were old injuries and arthritis. The therapy helped my neck to be more mobile and my back improved considerably. The pain has become non-existent at this time. The staff and the therapy was wonderful!
-Dorothy Turner

I came in with severe TMJ. I have been battling this for years. When I first started here I was eating pudding, yogurt, and applesauce because I was not able to eat. Not only can I eat solid foods now, Hollye has taught me how to continue to improve. Watch out because I will be eating that steak again
-April Kattner

I came to Spine and Sport 2 months after breaking ribs, puncturing a lung, and having an emergency spleenectomy. I was quite weak after all that. The folks here made me feel great about getting back in shape and we hit it hard. After a month of working out 3 times a week I am in as good of shape (if not better) than before the accident! Thanks a bunch to everyone at Islands Spine & Sport!
-Ben Beason

After severely over working my 62 yr old back, over a period of 4 weeks, I could not swing a golf club and felt shooting pain in my lower back. A visit to a chiropractor and Advil everyday did not improve the problem.

Spine and Sport was suggested by a friend and after 10 visits and noticeable improvement the pain has considerably lessened and I can play golf again.
-Charles Olenick

I have a bad meniscus on my left knee that I injured dancing 2 years ago. Also I broke my left foot 10 years ago. The pain gets more intense the older I get and as my body changes. I am a dance instructor and artistic director of the Savannah Dans’e Theatre. Working out the correct way is very important with keeping your body’s correct alignment. The PT Hollye McAdams has helped me achieve this. She’s an expert in her craft and all her knowledge of muscles along with much compassion. Thanks so much Hollye and the Spine and Sport staff.
-Suzanne Braddy

After my shoulder surgery. I was not sure the pain would ever go away. Thanks to Bryan, Beth, and Jalana I am so happy to report that I am back to normal and almost ready to play a little golf. The team here is wonderful. Thanks for making the most out of a bad situation. I highly recommend Islands Spine and Sport.
-Steve Kanner

I was in pain in the groin and hip area. I did not have a good range of motion & now I have a great range of motion with no pain. I could not swing a golf club and now I can with real good motion. They know what they are doing.
-Jack Miller

When I first started my program at Spine and Sport my back pain greatly limited my activities and decreased my comfort. Hollye is a wonderful listener. She made suggestions to alter my work motions which helped remove excess strain on my back. The entire staff is helpful, professional, and courteous. I am always greeted by a smile from Jalana and Beth. The entire experience has been great and my back is much better. Thanks Spine and Sport!
-Shannon Thomas

When I came to Spine and Sport my head and neck was so severe I could not move it, my head hurt all the time. Today I feel like a new person I fully recommend Spine and Sport to anyone with head and neck problems. The facility all are nice and easy to help me.
-Irene Cook

When I began this session my pain and discomfort were significant. Now the pain is virtually gone, and the numbness in my toes is occasional vs. constant. Brad and Vic are tough, effective coaches.
-Linda Gladin

Without therapy I never could have recovered so well. When I started there was always pain, little mobility, and not strength in my knee. Now, everything’s is better than ever- minimal pain, great mobility, and even my balance has improved. Without the wonderful therapists I could not have progressed so well. Thanks to you, your talents, and hard work. In addition, I’ll miss your friendly, congenial personalities.
-Mary Ross

When I first came to Spine & Sport, I was very limited in my range of motion with my left arm/shoulder. I was unable to wash my hair using that arm, could not reach behind my back nor reach up on a high shelf. I was impaired in most of my activities of daily living and at work in moderate pain. Therapy was painful at first but everyone was very encouraging and helped me to progress. It was a great experience to be treated here and I will come back if I ever need help again. I am back to my full range of motion, have gained a lot of strength and can do everything I did before. Thank you to everyone at Spine & Sport. I will be forever grateful! You are a GREAT TEAM!
-Eveline Chapman

I have been coming to Spine & Sport for several months for knee, hip and lower back pain. After plenty of hard work and a lot of creativity on the part of all of the staff here, I am feeling much better across the board. My strength and flexibility has increased across the board and my pain levels have greatly reduced in level and frequency. Thank you to everyone here that has worked so long and hard with me!
-Daniel Anderson

For the past six months I have received spectacular physical therapy that has lessened the neck pain that has been chronic for the past year. Spine & Sport has an excellent Richmond Hill office with great professional staff. It has been a pleasure learning and working with Dr. Kuch, who has educated me about my neck condition. She has taught me techniques that have improved my neck and range of motion and have significantly lessened my pain. I can’t thank you all enough for all your help!
-Brad Cunningham

Before attending Spine & Sport for my therapy, I was sleeping 2 hours per night, my arms fell asleep and my muscles were very tight. With my exercise regimen, I now sleep 5 hours without interruption. What a big difference this made in my life. I can now continue my therapy at home and can continue to keep myself healthy.
-Beth Perdue

I have seen reduced knee pain while running and increased strength and flexibility. The staff was excellent and taught me exercises I could do at home.
-Ashley Brown

I attended 8 sessions after arthroscopic knee surgery. I felt stronger and more flexible after those sessions than I was ever before the surgery! Clearly all the effort has paid off with a much faster recovery!
-Barry Lee

I count it as a blessing that Spine & Sport was recommended by the military physician. I am 100% better. When I started there was a very noticeable limp to my walk. The limp is no longer there. It has been an honor to know the people who work here.
-Sharon Wiley

The entire staff at Spine & Sport is very friendly and welcoming, and Bryan is nothing but professional. His methods are very effective--I was done in almost half the time he had estimated. I would highly recommend Spine & Sport to anyone suffering from any form of back pain.
-Rodrigo Zozaya

Spine & Sport has been a great help for my back while I've been in school. I spend long hours sitting and they have helped keep me strong and flexible. They are also a friendly and fun group of people!
-Patrick Longstreth

Ian was fabulous! My low back pain subsided drastically after 10 sessions of rehab. I feel confident that I know what to do if I do start to feel pain again. I feel much stronger through my low back and overall, much better than my first visit. Also, I am more knowledgeable of my prior condition and how to prevent further injury thanks to Ian.
-Laura Pauluus

My neck doesn't hurt anymore. All the symptoms I had when I started are gone. Great results. I enjoyed my experience here. Wonderful team of therapists. Thank you so very much!
-Harriett Crawford

When taking a shirt off the rack, the pain sneaked up on me like a thief in the night. It didn't pass in 24 hours. It didn't pass in 48 hours. When I began speaking in tongues, I knew it was time for a visit. I am happy to report that after 3 sessions, I can now pick up a shirt. But wait there's more. I can lift anything that I could before. Thank you Spine & Sport.
-Gary Smith

When I first arrived, my issues were back and neck pain. Due to such pain, I was not able to sleep well and my physical activities were limited. After a few weeks into my therapy, I started to feel much better and decided to stay. I have learned many activities and ideas on how to maintain the great results. I was very pleased with how well the end results were, also how great the staff was. I feel great and hope to keep it this way!
-Elving Peralta

A little over a month ago I was walking with a limp, and now I'm not! Everyone at Downtown Spine & Sport has been great. Very helpful and always answer any questions. Bryan has taught me how to manage my problem. I know where to come if there is an exacerbation. Many thanks!
-Ellen Harris

After 5 visits, the massage/ultrasound treatment of my left IT band relieved the shin pain and much of the knee stiffness. As the visits progressed, I noticed that walking became easier, the tiredness had greatly diminished and I was steadier on my feet. I am very pleased with the results of the therapy received at Spine & Sport and I am already doing the exercises at home.
-Peter Preston

I am so much better. Thank you for healing me. Hollye was great. What a great staff at the Islands location. I will return if I break again!
-Paula Bland

Since starting Spine and Sport my overall experience has been pleasant and fun. The staff is really great and cooperative. The pain that I had, weighed on a scale between 7 and 8. Now I am PAIN FREE! Ian understood and was very helpful. He made my overall visit fun and exciting. I would recommend Spine and Sport to anyone in pain any day. Continue to be the best. Thanks
-Auriel Smalls

I think that coming here really helped me. I feel so much better than before. Everybody here is amazing and has helped me so much. Before I started coming here, I couldn’t do as much as I can now without any pain. I really enjoyed coming here and I’m glad that I did.
-Mechelle Hunter

I came into Spine & Sport with a lot of pain and fatigue. You taught me the right exercises to continue and maintain my recovery.
-Kathryn Banks

I was in a lot of pain walking; there was groin pain that crossed over my left leg down to the knee and a bit farther. I finally saw Dr. Fabrizio who suggested it was sciatica and Physical Therapy would help. She wrote the prescription and I came to Spine & Sport. The second day of treatment allowed me to walk with no limp. I was amazed! Now I am comfortable walking, kneeling, and bending. I feel stronger, my balance has been restored and I feel ever so much younger! I am extremely grateful to Alysha and Spine & Sport. I highly recommend them!
-Johnette Kennedy

I would like to thank the Islands Spine & Sport staff for successfully helping me to walk and climb stairs again, after several surgeries on my right knee. Was advised by my doctor that I would not be able to climb stairs properly. But thanks to the therapy treatments I am able to climb stairs with no problems.
The staff shows great knowledge in what they do. For this I will recommend Spine & Sport therapy to all my friends. Thanks again.
-Heather Eyler

I had two strokes 2 years ago. I had therapy at that time and it didn’t help very much. I continued to have trouble walking so I went to a neurologist and he arranged for me to come to Spine & Sport. I’ve spent 6 weeks here performing exercises. Now I can function better at home with daily chores. I feel like I have gained strength in my legs and feet. Now I can go shopping without any pain.
-Gaynell Boyd

When I first came to Spine & Sport I could barely walk on my right foot because of the pain. Also I was having trouble with my neck – pain ran from my neck down my shoulder. After a few treatments I could tell a difference. About half way through my neck had improved greatly – no more shoulder pain and only slight pain in my neck. The therapists who worked with me were considerate and encouraging!
-D. Annette Sasser

When I started the program I couldn’t walk normally and was taking prescription pain medicine.
Hollye has been great, encouraging and knowledgeable. I feel so much better. I’ll continue the exercises and will continue with the MedX “monster”.
-Ann Marie Andrews

After 4 years of minimal activity and 4 hip surgeries I was pretty wiped out to say the least. Barely any range of motion and little to no strength. The professionalism and drive at Spine & Sport is just what I needed. Between Dr. Butts and the rest of the staff I was able to rebuild a baseline and set up habits that are life-long. They have definitely helped me reconnect to the John Michael that cancer took away. A+ and 5 stars all the way.

-John Michael Osborne

When I first came to Spine and Sport I had a high level of pain in my shoulder, with a limited range of motion. Now, I am virtually pain free and can move my arm and shoulder much easier. The staff at Hinesville Spine and Sport was great to work with. Each visit I was greeted by name and made to feel welcomed and at ease while in the facility.

-Johnnie Sledge

I have been coming to S & S since my knee micro-fracture surgery on 19 May 2009. The staff here is nothing less than exceptional. They are profoundly professional, skilled and experienced… they have guided my treatment to the point that I am able to return to running again. My pain has subsided significantly and I am much stronger today than I was 28 weeks ago. My sincerest thanks and best wished to all.

-J Scott Rezendes

I was very satisfied by how great the staff was for the past two months. I came in thinking that this probably wouldn't help my extreme neck and back pain. Within a month and a half, my neck pain and headaches were gone and my back pain down to slight pain. It feels great to be able to move around again… I highly recommend Spine & Sport to those that want quick results…

-Gary Davids

First, I would like to thank all the staff members at Spine & Sport for being very supportive in getting me back on track with my lower back. When I first started the program, I could not do my daily workouts without pain and numbness in my feet. With the help of their three days a week for four weeks of strength building techniques got me back to doing my daily exercises without pain. Once again, I thank you members of Spine & Sport.

-Chandra Hunter

Before I got here my pain level was high and stability & flexibility were low. Now I feel much better. My ankle feels more stable and I am doing some exercises better than before. Everybody is very professional and caring. They can relate to the patients really well. Thank you guys!

-Angel Rodriguez

I came to Spine & Sport in terrible pain. In continuous sessions over time, I have learned to manage my pain through the exercises that were taught to me. The staff here is marvelous and encouraging; always providing a positive outlook. Hopefully not, but if I ever have to have therapy again, I prefer Spine & Sport in Rincon. Thank you all so much!!!!!

-Sharon K. Jackson

Thanks so much to the staff at Spine & Sport. They are a great crew. Special thanks to Rachel and David. They helped me a lot; they were very professional and fun. I have had a very difficult time with my ankle for over a year now. I still have pain, but increased strength. I am very happy with my treatment and would recommend Spine & Sport to everyone.

-Robert McClary

Feeling good. Still pain in leg but very minor. Continued activity along with exercise thanks to the staff of Spine & Sport. Very caring people. Dr. Spivey is very dedicated… period I recommend top scores and a pay raise.

-Robert Lindamood

After going through a solid year of back pain, surgery, and three epidural shots, the physical therapy administered by the Rincon branch of Spine & Sport has finally relieved me of my back pain… To be rid of the annoying and constant aggravation is such a huge relief. Thanks again to both Dr. Spivey and Dr. Butts!

-Michael Clines

I have suffered for ten years with knee pain because I was afraid of knee replacement surgery and the aftermath. With recent developments I finally decided for the surgery. The therapy at Spine & Sport has given me back full range of motion in my knee without any pain. The expertise of the staff has been very evident in each and every session. I have truly enjoyed the experience. When it is time for the other knee I'll be back.

-Marilyn Zittrauer

When I started therapy the nerve in my left leg was very painful. I have had seven treatments... My experience has been excellent with what I consider a success. My objective was to stay out of surgery and with the clinic’s help, I believe that I have dodged the bullet.

-Kenny Lay

When I first came to Spine & Sport I was reluctant to put strain on my knee. After my initial evaluation, it was determined that I had a torn meniscus. I started on a 4 week process of stretching and strengthening exercises. Now at the end of my 4 weeks I feel more confident about using my knee in a more physical way. The staff is friendly and easy going. They make you feel comfortable and at ease.

-Julie Burns

I came to Spine & Sport and could not lift my left arm. They worked with me. Everyone was polite, nice, and real helpful. I can use my arm and went back to work a month or two sooner. Thanks a lot to all the people for their wonderful help.

-Donald Ranew

My experience at Spine and Sport was a wonderful one. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I have had extreme walking pain and by coming to Spine and Sport and working with the friendly workers and Dr. Rachel, my pain has greatly diminished. I am appreciative of the friendly environment and I have and would recommend Spine and Sport to friends and family.

-Amy Parrish

When I first came to Spine & Sport I had continuous severe pain in my neck, shoulder, and some mid-back. My doctor was able to aggressively work my muscles and skeletal structure to reduce and nearly eliminate the pain. I am using many of the stretching and strengthening exercises on a regular basis now.

-Allan Goulet

Jocelyn is 11 years old. She has had knee pain in her right knee progressively for a year. She was nervous at first but Ray made her feel very comfortable. My family always felt welcome and the energy was always positive from the staff.
-Cathy Price, mother of Jocelyn Price

When I came in after my Total Knee Replacement I was was walking on a walker - and badly at that! Now I am walking independently without any help. I can do all my housework now. I couldn't have had any better service. Everyone at Spine & Sport was outstanding. I am so grateful.
-Inez Cadle

The people at Spine and Sport have made me feel like a valuable person again. I am now strong enough to walk through Wal-Mart holding onto a cart when the riding cart is not available...David and Brittany are the most proffessional and go the extra mile. Rachel has made improvements in the eight or nine months I've been coming here. Its been a very positive experience.
-Carolyn Hyslop

Dr. Spivey has been so helpful to me. Helping with exercises to strengthen me and teach me to help myself. I'm feeling better than when I came in. I'm thanking her so much and if I need to return for anything I will do so. She has been very professional. Thanks so very much.
-Claire Webb

I came to Spine & Sport in terrible pain. In continuous sessions over time, I have learned to manage my pain thru the exercises that were taught to me. The staff here is marvelous and encouraging; always providing a positive outlook. Hopefully not, but if I ever have to have therapy again, I prefer Spine & Sport in Rincon. Thank you all so much!
-Sharon Jackson

Thanks to Dr. Ray, I feel much better. My knees are better than they have ever been and that's saying something because my knees have been hurting me since I was 9 yrs old. Everyone here has worked with me, helping me recover and I can't thank them enough.
-Taylor Brooks

When I started my physical therapy at Spine and Sport in Richmond Hill I was 6 weeks post-op from a cervical spinal fusion. My neck and shoulders were still "locked up" and I was fighting discouragement. I was encourged by the thoroughness of the inital evaluation, though. Right away I noticed that the level of attention given the patients was much higher than what I had experienced in other rehab clinics. All of the therapists and PT assistants were involved with each patient and made them feel important. I was re-evaluated every visit and never felt like I was on autopilot. Now that I have completed my therapy, my muscle spasm has relaxed and my pain is 90% better. My strength and range of motion is definitely better. I regularly send my patients to Spine and Sport, and my personal experience just reinforces my belief that my patients benefit from therapy here.
-Amy Pearson

I came in with severe lower back numbness and needles down my arms and legs and could not sit or stand for long periods. I was referred here and the staff is excellent, friendly, positive and know their jobs. They treat you as a person, not as a patient. Dr. Ron Miller was especially appreciative of me. I have more serious problems and he has worked with me and added knowledge to help in any way. Now, I can sit, stand, bend and have zero pain. I would recommend this place to the president himself =). I am very happy with the results and can't wait to be injured so I can come back. Keep up the great work guys.
-Alan Rae

I have more strength and a lot less stiffness. Before, there was almost no contraction. Now I look symmetrical again! Thanks Spine & Sport!
-Robyn Callaghan

I've had great success with Ian Young. The pinch in my neck has greatly improved. I have enjoyed my time at Spine & Sport and would definitely recommend Ian.
-Khristine Hartman

I came to physical therapy not able to run and barely able to walk without pain. After 3 weeks, I was able to start running again. I am stronger and running more.
-Sarah Patrick

I loved it here. It helped me a lot. I thank you so much Dr. Spivey. Hopefully I don't have to see you in the future.
-Brandon Hall

I started therapy at Spine and Sport the day after knee surgery on right knee. I followed and did all the exercises my therapist wanted me to do. My first 6 1/2 weeks I was on crutches, so everything was with no weight bearing exercises. I got off my crutches and within 2 1/2 weeks of more therapy my doctor released me to go back to work. He told me that I was ahead of schedule. I have now finished my last 2 weeks of therapy her at Spine and Sport and will continue the exercises at home. I went through therapy with hardly any pain at all now, and I'm feeling 100%.
-Kenneth Bryant

Upon getting to work with Spine and Sport, I had no movement in my wrist. I must say the Therapy has done great! The Docs and Staff were very helpful and nice to work with. My wrist is a lot better. Thanks.
-Ken Sutton

Angela: What a delight to see you each day. As this is my second round of therapy involving two separate problems. I have become quite attached to the staff and I shall miss them. My hope was to become capable of accomplishing my normal activities with a certain amount of ease. I really have accomplished more range of motion than I expected, but not quite as much as I had hoped for. But my understanding is that with continued exercise at home that I may accomplish my hope. Dr. Miller, I truly believe was meant to guide me through my therapy. I am so grateful for his method and perseverance of my improvement. He made me feel good about my accomplishment. Thanks to all of you!
-Helen English

When I started at Spine & Sport my back and hip and legs were really hurting me. I also had physical therapy in the past at other facilities, but Spine & Sport has been the best experience. I also have been more impressed with the results of my plan of care. Everyone here has been very nice and supportive.
-Jennifer Dilas

When I first came into Spine and Sport. I had been on crutches for over a month and hadn't run for weeks before that. The staff and Physical Therapists, Ron and Kristen especially, worked with me to bring me back up to strength so I could return to full duty at work and get back to my normal exercises and sport routines. My knee feels 100% better and I look forward to competing in my 1st Sprint Triathlon next spring.
-Paul Rickmeyer

Tremendous improvement from day one. I am very impressed with the one on one therapy. Mostly I was impressed with the genuine concern towards each patient. Dr. Miller and his assistants made sure that each individual was taken care of and not left to exercise without help or supervision. Excellent therapy and tremendous positive results.
-Ernest Johnson

"Physical therapy has helped my hip mobility immensely. I no longer get sharp pains like I used to. I can go to sleep at night without having to pop my hip. My lower back feels a lot better too."
-Santa Hayes

When I first came to Spine & Sport I had a lot of pain in my knee. I couldn't run, carry heavy loads, or even walk past a curtain distance. Now, after completing my therapy, I can get back to doing those things. My therapist Sarah was great by giving me the right amount of push to strengthen my knee and get me back to work with no problems.
-Christopher Mata

When I first came to Spine & Sport, my shoulder pain and limited movement was so severe that I was hardly able to dress myself. I also had trouble sleeping due to the severity of the pain. I am active and in my mid-30's with two young children and had never had any sort of pain or injury, so this really changed my daily life. Even with the expertise of my chiropractor and orthopedist, I know I would not be pain-free or be able to manage my symptoms today had it not been for Bryan at Spine & Sport. My symptoms kept shifting, and he was determined to figure out how to best treat them. I don't like to think about what I might be experiencing physically andemotionally today had I not found Bryan at Spine & Sport. The staff - Marcie, Britany, Beth and Brooke, was consistently genuine, friendly and caring. While having to adjust life to attend PT 2+ times a week and trying to deal with pain, it made it all much easier knowing that I'd see friendly faces each time I went. I would refer anyone to Spine & Sport and am so grateful for the treatment Bryan and staff provided me."
-Chene Walz

When I first came in my neck was stiff and painful to move. But as I continued to come to the Spine and Sport clinic, my range of motion, mobility, and neck strength began to increase. I must say, the care has been awsome and Dr. Kuch and staff are the best! I would recommend this type of physical therapy for anyone recovering from cervical fusion. My only regret is that my session will be ending due to my progress. Nevertheless, I am completely satisfied with my overall experience with the Spine and Sport clinic. Keep up the great work!!
-Albert Lee

I came in with back pain in my lower spine that radiated down my left leg. Bryan worked with me on exercises to relieve the pain which was the result of a couple herniated discs. The therapy worked and my pain gradually went away. Even after a 3 week break I had no pain. I'm grateful to the crew at Spine & Sport. I have made some new friends. Keep up the great work!
-Diane Nichols

This ws my second time having to need the assistance of Spine and Sport. On my return my hip and thigh was very painful. I could not sit on my right side as well. I am now pain free and able to do my house work and attend curves I would like to thank everyone at Spine and Sport, you all gave the best of care.
-Joann Richardson

When I came to Spine & Sport, I was suffering from back and leg pain. After therapy, my back is feeling much stronger and I have very little evidence of leg pain. This therapy and my therapist Adrianne, have been a very great help to me. If in the future, I should again need therapy, I would definitely come back here and would also recommend to others.
-Lynette Clark

I came to Richmond Hill Spine and Sport as a result of arthroscopic surgery on my left shoulder. When I came for my first visit I had limited range of motion, strength, and I was in considerable pain. The team at Spine and Sport initiated a comprehensive treatment plan, and 13 visits later I am able to work out with my unit again.
-Brett Ott

I have had chronic low back pain and spasms for about 10 years. After a visit to the emergency room for severe low back spasms I was referred to physical therapy for treatment. I was seen by Dr. Ron Miller. Ron came up with my exercise plan and after 3 1/2 months, I am almost pain free. Thanks to Ron and the Spine & Sport staff for getting me back to running and being able to get down on the floor to play with my 7 month old son.
-Jennifer Roberson

When I first started at Spine & Sport, I could not sleep at night due to shoulder pain. I had trouble reaching behind me me at work to take paper off the printer. Most important, I could not hold my grand-daughter. After treatment, I am sleeping through the night without pain. I can function fully at work. The neck stretch, I was taught has helped ease the neck pain as welll as the shoulder. I use it periodically through the day. My granddaughter tested me at home to see if I could lift my arm all the way up and then pick her up. She was thrilled at my progress. I have recommended your services to coworkers. One is now being seen at the Hinesville office. I am very happy with my treatment results.
-Mary Bowman

My lower back was killing me after a long weekend cleaning the boat and a couple of long days of work. I called Spine & Sport and Ian Young showed me some stretches and exercises along with manipulation in the clinic. Within 2 weeks I was back to normal! Great staff and environment. I couldn't be more pleased.
-Matt Grill

Since coming to Spine & Sport I have seen great improvements in my back and hip, and I am walking much better!
-Anoya Williams

I have arthritis and frozen shoulder. Since coming to Spine & Sport my range of motion and constant pain have greatly improved. The staff here are absolutely great and go the extra mile to ensure success.
-Ronny Zeigler

I was referred to Spine and Sport... for lower back pain. Hollye and Dr. Dixon not only helped my lower back, they diagnosed a second problem. After following their therapy routine I have regained full movement in my hips and improved strength in my lower back. Thanks to a wonderful staff at Islands Spine and Sport.
-Tim Rudolph

Thanks to Spine & Sport for the PT it has really helped my pain. Dr. Alysha Dixon has done a good job, without her... I would be in surgery. I am pain free. Thank you again Dr. Alysha you are a special doctor and person.
-Johnny McKenzie

I came to Sport and Spine as recommended by my doctor... after neck surgery. When I started I couldn't lift the 3lb. weight up to do my punches. I now lift the 25lb weights with not much problem. Everyone on the staff from top to bottom did everything they could to help with my progress. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.
-Ricky Lanier

I came here with great pain in my shoulder and arm. After my treatments I now have no pain and my shoulder feels stronger. The people here are great and take my mean ways with grave. I would come back if I needed, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
-Michael Taylor

Alysha and staff did a great job of educating me on proper body mechanics and strengthing activities to reduce pain in my knee.
-Anna Colley

I had weakness of the knees and legs, which caused me to keep falling. Dr. Dixon strengthened my legs up, there both equal now. Also I am very happy with the response of personnel including Beth with her nightly phone calls.
-Truman Rhodes

My experience here was very positive. I learned some exercises I can do at home to help keep range of motion better. Dr. Ray Butts took an aggressive approach to treat my problems, which I very much appreciate. All personnel were courteous at all times and very attentive. As a result, I do not have headaches anymore and I know it's up to me to exercise as I need to
-Maryann Whatley

I came to Spine & Sport in April unable to walk with pain in so many places that I didn't know what hurt worse. Dr. Butts helped me alleviating one problem after another until I was able to walk again. I still have arthritis in my knees but now I can tell whether its arthritis pain or muscle pain. I really appreciate the help Spine & Sport has given me and I will happily refer Dr. Butts to everyone I know. Thank you!!
-Diana Kulbacki

Absolutely a success, Alysha Dixon is the best... The Staff at the Islands office are extremely nice and a pleasure to be around... Alysha has given me exercises that strengthen my leg muscles to where I can cope much easier. I highly recommend Islands Spine and Sport and especially Alysha Dixon.
-Flo Pratt

My recovery at Spine & Sport has been amazing. I have suffered with chronic upper back pain since a near fatal auto accident in 1994. I tried other methods of relief such as chiropractic care, natural pain relief, medication, and even other types of physical therapy. My pain level was not able to be reduced to less than a 7 on the pain scale. When I arrived here with a pain level of a 9, I assumed it would get some relief. I never expected to see results like these, with a pain level of a 3. Through the terrific routine of care and intervention I am able to maintain a comfort level that is such a relief to me. I look forward to the maintanance exercises that are offered for follow-up care.

-Sarah Williams

Since I started therapy my headaches are gone. I'm able to enjoy doing more activities with my family now. Thanks so much for the wonderful treatment I've had here.
-Patsy Holland

Thanks to all the workers at Spine & Sport! My breathing has improved and I can walk better.
-Mary Radford

Going to Spine and Sport has been a very satisfactory experience for me. I am 78 and have two hip replacements. I wa walking like a 90year old lady because I was afraid of falling and displacing a hip. Holly and the girls helped me to lengthen my gait, which made my balance better, and to strenghten my legs which made me less afraid of falling. Spine and Sport has been wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help. The staff there is very knowledgable as well as personable.
-Elaine Johnson

I came in with numbness in both ring fingers and pinkies. The folks at Dr. Wheeler's office could not find anything specific wrong to correct so they reccommended PT. Alysha was a pleasure to work with and gave good attention to my condition. This has been a great improvement in my symptoms. Thanks!

-Paul Coote

Therapy, Therapy, Therapy- thats what the doctor ordered to fix my frozen shoulder. What do you know- He was right. Two short months ago, my shoulder was in pain and almost immobile. I chose the Spine & Sport location in Richmond Hill because it was close to work and home. However, I would now recommend them to anyone needing therapy because of their professional and friendly staff. Therapy does work!

-Lori Jacobs

I tore my labrum in my shoulder. I came to therapy not being able to throw or even hit a baseball. And I am leaving being able to play everyday. The staff here at Spine & Sport was outstanding. I recommend Spine & Sport to anyone with an injury. Thank you!!!!
-Alex Gammon

When I came to Spine & Sport I had pain and stiffness in my back that limited my mobility. After receiving treatment I no longer wake up stiff and can go through my day without pain. the staff was extremely nice and helpful. I recommend Spine & Sport to anyone with back pain.

-Chase Delong

After my first few sessions I had noticed significant pain relief. Working with Holly and the staff at Spine and Sport was a great pleasure. The attention to detail to my rehabilitation was greatly appreciated . The information and the proper technique I learned should serve me well in the not too distatnt future.
As a result, of the two months I've spent here my back strength had sdramatialy improved . I am very happy with coming to Spine and Sport and highly recommended.
-Umesh Patel

When I started with Spine & Sport my left foot was stiff and hurt very much from surgery. After each trip here my foot hurt less and I was able to move it better-now it's almost as good as my right foot. Thank you Spine & Sport for all the good work!
-Judy Shearouse

I couldn't be happier with my outcome here. I'm incredibly greatful for everything they have done for me and the attention and care I received. I felt like a part of the family and couldn't ask for a better staff. They are the best! I'm healed...hooray!!
-Michael Miano

I am so happy with my results! Bryan Kist is so helpful and he always knows how accommodate for what is difficult for me. Brittany and Marcie are always cheerful and keep me focused. I looked forward to my physical therapy because I knew each time I went I felt a little better than my previous session. I know that if I ever have any questions or problems the staff will be ready to give me a great solution!
-Emily Tenebaum

I came to Physical Therapy for a shoulder injury. Physical therapy has helped me learn how to work through the discomfort. This has been a very positive experience for me, and I am very thankful for the help this has given me.
-Melinda Curry

I first became a client of Spine & Sport after I was involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended and had severe whiplash. With the help of Dr. Butts and the aides, I have been able to regain my strength and flexibility. My neck and back are no longer in pain. I'm not even taking Advil any more. Every one I have encountered at Spine & Sport has been friendly and professional. One can tell that they care about their clients and that they love their jobs. I will definitely recommend Spine & Sport to family and friends!
-Rachel Manning

excellent. I’ve had neck pain for years. I feel great now. My pain is negligible and under control. I’m able to function normally with very little trouble.
-Richard Kammerling

When I began my treatment, I wa unable to step off the curb without going one step at a time. I am now able to stand on my right leg for over a minute, navigate stairs at a brisk pace and have absolutely no pain or numbness remaining. THANKS IAN!!!
-Karen Jerlad

Althought it has been a long road, I feel that I have improved significantly over the past 13 weeks. Any doubts were overshadowed by the physical therapists who helped me over the rough spots as I visited each time. The staff kept everything positive and encouraged me every step of the way. I can't say enough about the personal attention I received and I would certainly recommend Spine & Sport as the place to go for your therapy needs!

-Verne Harris

When I came to Spine & Sport I wasn't able to sit for more than 15 minutes due to pain and numbness in my left leg and arm. After following my therapy program, I can see an amazing progress. I feel like I have my life back. I can now exercise, walk and roller blade without those symptoms. What a relief! I would recommend Bryan Kist to anyone who is in pain.
-Francis Avila

I originally injured my lower back while in college in 2003. I re-injured it in the Army and have dealt with pain daily. After about 5 weeks of physical therapy with Bryan Kist I have no pain in my back.
-David Perry

Prior to starting therapy I could not lay with my arms across my chest or type on a computer without significant pain. I spent a large amount of time (up to 20 hours a week) driving my car and every second of that was painful. Now I am pain free. I was even able to effectively do my job and I am a sole proprietor. I can now do anything I need to without pain. Most impressively, I was unable to complete 1 push up in good form for the last 12 years. Today I completed 2 push ups in a a nice controlled form. I did not expect such dramatic results and can’t thank everyone here enough.

-Justine Oakwood

When I first came in I was a cripple in a pimped out boot. Thanks to my wonderful therapists =) I am able to easily walk, boot free, and have recovered from my injury, yay therapy
-Chiara Norce

When I first came to Spine & Sport I could hardly walk because of my ankle, but after my therapy with Bryan Kist I am dancing again! This was the best thing I could have done. The Downtown Spine & Sport is a warm and loving place to be.
-Vanessa Polk

I came to Spine & Sport with knee pain. Bryan told me he could make my knee better, although I thought I would just have to live with the pain. The staff are friendly and helpful every day. It feels like a home away from home. I tell all my friends about the great service. Once again I would like to thank the Downtown clinic for making me better.
-Kim Singleton

I thank Spine & Sport so much now I'm able to play in a mother son game next week.
-Cynthia Foss

I woke up one afternoon with excruciating pain in my lower back. I had no idea what was going on since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I went to an orthopedist who recommended Spine & Sport for physical therapy. I was a little hesitant at first, but I am so glad I followed through and have had much relief. In fact, I have no pain now. I am please with my progress and would definitely use Spine & Sport again if needed. The staff have been so pleasant and helpful. I thank them (especially Bryan) for all of the help and advice that was given.
-Hannah Brown

My muscles atrophied after a month in a cast, so I came to Spine and Sport and after a week I was ready to get back on the tennis court!

-Landon Trust

"I just had back surgery 3 weeks prior to coming to Spine & Sport. I had a pain threshold of 7 or 8 from my sciatic nerve. After 4 weeks working with Dr. Brown and staff, my pain has diminished to 0. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much."

-Clayton Dutton

"After 40+ sessions & gradual progress, I find that progress has been made. I have found quite a bit of improvement in daily movement, i.e, bending, stooping, standing for longer periods of time, etc. with little or no pain/discomfort. There has been the occasional weekend (no therapy) when symptoms return- just as strong as before therapy, however diminished with exercise...

Deborah Bicknell
-Deborah Bicknell

I injured my right knee while ice skating with some friends. My right knee was bruised and swollen and I experienced pain when bending and turning my knee. Thanks to the knowledge and dedication fo the doctors and assistants at Spine & Sport, my physical therapy has made my recovery a fast and painless one. By doing the exercises on the many pieces of equipment, i felt my strength coming back to my knee within the second week. I am very grateful for the time and patience that the doctors and assistants put into my recovery process. Thank you Spine & Sport!

-Megan Quarles

Initially I would not consider any activity that would cause any level of back discomfort. Through the coordinated efforts of Tim and Adrianne and the team I have begun a home program of morning stretching and evening workout. T have lost some weight and my ROM has improved considerably. I have improved and will continue to use the tools I have learned. Thanks so much to you all.

-Alma Colbert

I came in on a walker and in pain. I had a partial knee replacement only days before. The staff here was great! I didn't think I would be moving without assistance for a long time, but I am now walking w/o a cane. My mobility is better and the pain is almost gone. Angie is a wonderful person and therapist. I couldn't have done it w/o her. Keep up the good work guys! I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

-Ivey A. Ford

My experience at Spine & Sport has been a wonderful experience I have learned that just doing simple exercises like holding a ball with your head against the wall can help strengthen your neck muscles. The experience I have had not only with the physical therapy but with the staff and other patients has been wonderful. Adrianne Kutch not only helped me to understand the importance of the physical therapy I was receiving here and by doing them and here. I have in just the 3rd visit started feeling the difference and less pain on my back, no headaches, no medication. Now that I am at my last visit though I am very glad I feel absolutly no pain I am very sad to end my visits here because I won't be seeing the staff. The good part is I do work around the corner so I can visit and will refer people. Thank you Spine & Sport

-Marcy Young

Having 3 months of therapy was like traveling down a long road with many ups and down along the way. I'm so thankful for "Dr. Tim" and the many others at Spine & Sport for their expert knowledge, willingness to work, and wonderful words of encouragement. They all have made my journey back to health possible. Thank you for your caring and kindness.

Jo Hart
-Jo Hart

I would like to write that my visits at Spine & Sport have been very nice. They have me ready for my surgery on April 6, 2009. This last month before surgery- they have a list of exercises for me to do myself and then after surgery I will be back for more help. Everyone has been wonderful in helping me with my knees. It has been a lot of help and fun! I will miss them all.

-Carolyn Strickland

"The physical therapy sessions have gotten rid of most pain dealing with scar tissue and muscle tissue. I now have much more strength in my back and can feel the improvement after every visit."

-Shane Miller

Working with Alysha Dixon , Rachel, Beth and all the assistants have made my workouts so much easier to handle.
Everyone here deserves high praise and all my thanks.

If I ever need again, I will decidely come back and will tell everyone I know to come here as well.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Sharon Burnhardt

After living with siatica pain for three years or more, I am so happy to say I am virtually free of that pain - and after just 3 weeks of twice a week sessions. The exercises I was taught can be done at home so therapy continues on my own. My thanks to all the Spine & Sport staff!
-Carol Cowsar

Having been here once before I knew I was in good hands. As always the staff is great, Amanda, Beth, Rachel & Alyssa and of course Dr. Dixon. Thank you for all of your help. My neck will never be perfect but you all have done a great job in making it much better. I appreciate your time, your help and especially your humor. Thanks again, I'll miss you all!!

-Anne Emerson

I injured my back while pursuing my favorite hobby, gardening. Thanks to the team at Spine & Sport I am back in the garden 100% better!

-Beth Spires-Jones

I came in here for back pain and leg trouble. I could not lift my legs, walk, or run. Now, I am completely mobile!! My kids are so impressed (I am too) and now I can hold them just like I use to!!
-Donee Lawson

I came here due to an injury at work, I had two herninated discs. The pain was the worst I had ever expierenced. I couldn't even sleep. Standing, sitting or any position hurt. After my first few visits I began to feel better. The pain became more managable by the week. I went from taking perscription medicine to advil to not needing anything! My success here suprised me. I thought I was heading toward surgery, and now I can return to my full work status with a much more managable pain level.

-John Haile

I have JRA and I came into strengthen my muscles and gain mobility in my joints. Through therapy I have reached these goals and have learneed to do the exercises at home. I am able to do more things and move better then ever before. Thank you to a great staff for all your help.

-Sydney Cutten

When I began my treatments I was stiff and in pain, my lower back, neck and hip were the main pain areas. I noticed improvements soon after I started treatments which resulted in being able to go through the day with much less pain. I looked forward to each treatment as those working with me were helpful and were concerned with my progress. I felt that everyone that worked with me was qualified and wanted me to succeed and recover, I am completely satisfied with my visits and the staff and the improvement I've made.

-Bill Roach

Everyone at Island Spine and Sport was wonderful.
I went from not being able to move and lift my arm, to full mobility in one month.
I appreciate Ian's help very much.
-Clare DeHaven Zeigler

I came in under the guidane of my physician, Dr. Adrienne Fabrizio. A couple of months ago my left leg was giving out intermittently. They x-rayed my back and neck and nothing was found. Dr Alysha Dixon at Sopine and Sport, Wilmington Island, determined, after a number of tests that my left VMO was weak and that this made my knee turn in while walking. In the past month it has strengthened unbelievably with the excersises she has asked me to do. I ahve noticed a dramatic change and not once has my leg given out. The team at Wilmington Island is friendly and it was a great environment for me during my rehabilitation.

Thank you so much. I will continue to do the exercises that Alysha has typed for me and do not believe , with continued, diligence, this problem will ocur again.

-Belinda Nagler

I was in great pain due to a bulging disc pressing on my sciatic nerve; but thanks to Dr. Brown and the wonderful people at Spine and Sport, my condition improved and I am doing much better. Their skill, professionalsim and genuine concern was greatly appreciated

-Sandra Smith

I am really amazed at the progress that I have made under the guidance and with the encouragement of Dr. Rachel Spivey, and the staff at Spine & Sport.
Dr. Spivey has the ability to sense each client's personality and special needs, and she adjusts her treatment program accordingly. I know that I was a special challenge, but she rose to that challenge and was able to have me achieve goals that I didn't think possible.

From the very first visit every one has been supportive and attentive to my particular needs. I would recommend Spine & Sport to anyone looking for excellent care.
-Phyllis Davy

I was referred to physical therapy by my pain management physician and I made the decision to choose Spine & Sport... I was in moderate to severe pain upon my evaluation and had previously tried epidural blocks for pain and recently completed a course of facet injections, of course, which had only provided temporary relief. The first three visits were somewhat hard for me, but after the fourth or fifth I realized my pain was decreasing and my strength was increasing. After twelve visits my pain was decreased to a level that at most times I don't even notice, and I can tell my core muscles are much stronger and working together in unison. The therapists and staff were very supportive and always kind and courteous. I cannot say enough for this practice and I will highly recommend it.
-Timothy Burke

I have enjoyed the professional work that I have received here. I pray and hope I don't have to come back, but if I do, this is the place to come. All the therapists were nice and helpful. If I know of any one in need of therapy, I will recommend this place. May God forever bless each and every one of you. I will always remember y'all for the great work!
-Charles Hunter, Retiree

My experience here has been great. All visits are done with friendly, courteous professionals. The people here know what they are doing and my progression during therapy was great. My opinions were listened to and asked on in a professional manor. A top notch team here I'd recommend any time.
-Jesse Jenkins

After I fell and damaged my rotator cuff in my right shoulder, I came to Spine & Sport for physical therapy. In a few short visits I had improved greatly. I am now able to use my shoulder as before my fall. Thanks to all my new friends at Spine & Sport.
-Keith Burk

Three months after rotator cuff surgery, I feel bionic. No, really, the help I've gotten from Spine & Sport has enabled me to progress along a strong and healthy path to strengthening my shoulder and full recovery. Thanks everyone - I'll miss you!
-Denise Dubuque

The fine folks here at Spine & Sport did an excellent job! I came in feeling like an old man, and walked out feeling like a million bucks!
-Chris Mercer

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and feel so much better physically. Kudos to the entire staff for the wonderful progress I have experienced. Everyone has been so professional and truly dedicated to helping me improve my physical health, and for that I am eternally grateful. I will highly recommend the Spine & Sport family to my friends. Again, thanks for a job well done.
-George Eckles

When I first started coming to therapy my back was very sore and stiff and any motion was very hard. Walking and sitting for long periods were not easy. After two months of therapy my back is now pain free and I have no problems with long walks, stands, and car rides. Thank you to everyone that has helped me in my journey.
-Fawn Boccio

When I came here four weeks ago, I had severe pain in my neck that went into my back and down my left arm. Now after treatment, the pain is completely gone and full mobility and strength have returned.
-Michael Mayes

When I came for my first P.T. session I could not move my neck without feeling intense pain. I was unable to turn my head while driving. After 6 weeks of therapy I feel very little pain and my ability to move my head is now almost back to normal. I have gained muscle strength and flexibility far beyond my expectations. Dr. Spivey is a well qualified and compassionate professional who put me at ease right form the beginning. Dr. Spivey made me feel welcome and hopeful that help was on the way.

This facility is clean and cheerful. Personnel are helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend Spine and Sport in Rincon to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.
-Elisabeth Cole

When I first came to Spine & Sport I was experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain. After spending time here, with the help from Bryan and Britany, I feel better. My pain has decreased, and I really enjoyed everyone here.
-Shawnquell Shiggs

I would like to thank Spine & Sport for everything that they have done for me while I was coming here for my physical therapy. It was always a joy to come here cause everyone was so nice and helpful. I feel great and have had no problems with my back and would recommend them to anyone that needs help after any injury.
-Gary Roemmich