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  • Right - Size portions
    • Let's start with the object that you have with you at all times, your hand. When in doubt about your portion size open your hand and look at your palm. Three ounces of meat is about the size of your open palm, and a cup of rice or raw veggies is about the size of your fist.
    • Use a salad plate for all of your meals at home. The portion size is small and it cuts about 350 calories a meal from your diet.
  • Fit in Fitness
    • Put more activity into your daily routine by walking your dog, play catch with your kids, or work in the garden can help you reach your fitness goals.
    • Do something fun that you enjoy that is done outside for at least one-hour a day.
  • Find your diet style
    • Food fretting- having negative thoughts about food.
    • Task snacking- eating while doing task, eating in front of TV
    • Fast food- eat from convenience.
    • Solo dinning- use food to fill social void.
    • Unappetizing- Atmosphere- eat at desk or while driving.
    • Sensory disregard -mealtime hectic. A lot of things going on while serving your food or getting food prepared.
  • Manage Hunger
    • Make sure that you eat a well rounded breakfast and 4-5 small meals through out the day. Not eating will place your body into a state of "wow I am starving so I must slow down the rate that I am burning calories"; therefore weight loss is slowed or stopped.
    • Always have a healthy snack with you at all times.
  • Read food labels
    • Read and understand calories per serving and calories form fat
    • How nutritious is this product?
    • Know the ingredients; they are listed from largest to smallest amount (by weight). This means a food contains the largest amount of the first ingredient and the smallest amount of the last ingredient.
    • Label claim. Another aspect of food labeling is labels claims. Some food labels make claims such as "Low cholesterol" or "low fat." Just do your homework.
  • Avoid Obstacles
    • You must realize that there will be pitfalls in your diet. If you know where the pitfalls are you can steer clear of them or at least be prepared so they don't throw you too far off course.
  • Limit Soda
    • Sodas have lots of calories, if you are going to pick one, change your diet a little to fit in or burn off the extra calories for your soda.
    • If you just drop one soda a day you save yourself 160 junk calories, calories that your body will not store as fat.