Elbow Pain

Why won’t my tendinitis go away?

Elbow tendinitis is one of the most common upper extremity injuries in the US. Elbow Tendinitis is an acute inflammatory condition that is typically a result of overuse; however, this process normally runs its course in several weeks. After the inflammatory process subsides that tendon becomes thickened, neovascularized (lacks proper blood flow) and the small fibers within the tendon that were originally injured frequently do not heal properly. Think of this as a rope in which the fibers do not run in the same direction which would create a weak spot within the rope.

The weak link…

Chronic elbow pain is typically thought to be a local dysfunction at the elbow, but it is important to understand that in most cases the area that you hurt is only a manifestation of pain that was created by a movement dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Our body is an amazing thing, it works together in order to take stress off the neighboring structures. A movement dysfunction in the neck, shoulder, wrist, or hand can manifest as elbow pain if not addressed. Your elbow could potentially improve with medication or naturally improve with time due to compensatory changes in the way you move and position yourself; however, the original driving force behind the injury was never fully addressed and it places you at increased risk of reinjury at the elbow or adjacent body regions.

What are my options?

Spine & Sport offers Board Certified Clinical Specialists that can take a look at the big picture and determine the driving force behind your elbow pain. Our goal is to get you back out there in the most efficient way possible.  There are regional interdependent factors that predispose you for elbow pain and a physical therapist is uniquely qualified to assess your condition and provide effective treatment so you can get back to your normal activities.