Actually you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a Physical Therapist. We always work with your MD so that you get the best care but sometimes it costs less and you see quicker results by coming to physical therapy first. Below are some things that are important to know when seeking the help of a physical therapist.

What about your insurance?

You may already have insurance and if you do, it’s time to put it to work for you. Many insurance plans pay for physical therapy even without a doctor’s referral. When you call us to make your appointment, just let us know your insurance information and we’ll find out what benefits your plan provides. This may save you an unnecessary visit to the doctor’s office while getting you more quickly into treatment so you can start feeling better again.

Uh oh, you have no insurance!

Still need physical therapy but you don’t have insurance? We understand that many people are either not insured at all or they are under insured with huge deductibles before any benefits can be used. Spine & Sport has a flexible self pay rate that helps those who fit into these circumstances. We want to remove any barriers we can to make sure you are on the road to recovery and will do whatever we can to make that a reality for you.

An interesting but not well known fact about physical therapists.

When it comes to wondering if you need a doctor’s referral, you may not know that physical therapists are doctors in their field. They aren’t general practitioners so you definitely want to call your MD when you have something like the flu but physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy who also have Orthopedic and Sports Clinical Specialties from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). That’s one reason why your insurance may allow you to bypass your MD when physical therapy is what you really need. Spine & Sport is also one of four locations in the State of Georgia that has a credentialed Physical Therapy Residency Program.

Knowing these things can make a huge difference in how easy it is for you to get physical therapy. At Spine & Sport, our goal is patient satisfaction, not only in what happens when you’re in the clinic but the whole experience. We want to make sure that the entire process is pain free and as economical as possible.

Between our highly skilled physical therapists and friendly staff, Spine & Sport will quickly prove to you that we’re the leaders of physical therapy in the Savannah GA area. And not only are we the experts in pain-free living, Spine & Sport has unparalleled customer service to make the whole experience as seamless as possible.

Feel free to call or contact us through the web. We also offer appointments within 24 hours and often will be able to provide you with a same day appointment if needed.