Occupational therapy helps individuals of all ages perform the daily activities that enable you to be independent. Occupational therapy is also for those who have met their max potential, and are no longer progressing with their physical therapy services. Based on your individual abilities, the occupational therapists at Spine & Sport will create a treatment plan to restore your ability to participate in the activities of daily living.

Therapy for Life’s Daily Occupations

Our occupational therapists not only assess and treat physical limitations, but they are educated on the emotional effects of injury and disability. Occupational therapy is a natural treatment that can truly give you a higher quality of life than you may have ever believed possible.

Common Occupational Therapy Activities Include:

Helping those with disabilities to reach developmental milestones in school and social situations
Helping people recovering from injury or illness to regain skills
Support for adults in their later years who are experiencing physical and/or cognitive changes

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